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“What IS This Place???”

June 20, 2011

Since I spent the entire day Friday editing with my group, I decided not to bore you with the details of that day but I will tell you that we worked for 13 hours (with a few breaks in there), finished our editing and DIDN’T hate each other in the end πŸ™‚ I consider that an accomplishment.

On Saturday, Dr. Legg took me, Kim and Chelsey on an adventure to IKEA. This was my first time going to an IKEA and let me tell you, I was in interior design heaven! Why have I not experienced this place sooner??? Hahaha we got lunch in the cafeteria and I had an insane chocolate cake AND a fountain drink! Only the second place I’ve found since we’ve been here that has fountain drinks so I was ecstatic .. I mean, come one .. We ALL know a fountain Coke is WAY better than a can or bottle!

Kim in front of the huge IKEA sign

KIm and I taking an illegal picture in IKEA

Getting gas for the first time with Dr. Legg and the station was full service!

IKEA was located inside a big mall, so Dr. Legg let us walk around a little bit to see what it was like. Let’s just say I like our malls better haha. It was OK I guess .. AND I got to take this really awesome picture by the lime green bathroom πŸ™‚

The huge lady outside the lime green restrooms

After the mall we made a quick run to the Jumbo to get some things for dinner. We were all assigned a different part of dinner for the night (I had dessert while others had the main course, vegetables, salad, fruit, etc.) and we all met in mine and my roomates’ apartment to eat and view each other’s videos. It was so nice to all be together to RELAX for once, instead of working like usual. And dinner was great!

The boys working hard on the uhm .. vegetables?

The main dish which I absolutely cannot remember the name of, but it reminded me of baked beef stroganoff

The Baklava I brought for dessert (with Rachel) and the bread plate

After dinner a few of us decided to visit Emessa for come Narghile and to see our favorite Syrians and had a blast as usual. Plus Mohamad wore his pink tie just for me πŸ˜‰ Hahaha, not really but everyone knows I love pink!

Mohammad and his pink tie! Hahaha

Saturday was such a good, relaxing day! I had such a good time with everyone and was so happy to explore Nicosia a little more πŸ™‚ But Saturday was just the beginning to a great weekend .. so stay tuned!

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