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Cruising the Mediterranean

June 21, 2011

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most beautiful bodies of water I have ever laid eyes on, and on Sunday I had the incredible opportunity to go on a day cruise and experience these waters first hand. We left early Sunday morning to head to Larnaca where we boarded our boat the Zenobia to head out into the sea for the day.

The view of Larnaca from the Zenobia

Our first stop was over the Zenobia shipwreck (and our boat’s namesake) where we were able to jump off the boat and swim. The water felt amazing! The captain told us we could jump off the top tier of the boat and we definitely took him up on that offer 🙂 It was such a rush and everyone was having a blast!

Everyone swimming in the sea .. definitely the saltiest water I've ever swam in!

Me jumping off the top of the boat

Our good time was cut short though because it was time for us to head to the fishing spot. We all climbed back on the boat and were on our way! When we arrived at our destination, the captain taught us how to use the pools and reach the bottom of the ocean and then he cut us loose to fish! They provided rods and bait for us and we all lined up to get started. It wasn’t long before people started pulling fish up and Danielle even caught an octopus! Unfortunately, I didn’t catch anything 😦 But I still had a great time!

A small group of us fishing off the back of the boat

Danielle and her prize catch!

It wasn’t too long after fishing that lunch was served and we were all MORE than ready to eat finally! It was so good! We had pasta, potatoes, vegetables, rice, the fish we had caught and even fried octopus tentacles! Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the octopus and we could definitely tell how fresh it was!

The food cooking and it smelled so so good

Eventually it was time to get off the Zenobia so we allowed ourselves some time to relax on the beach before our bus arrived to take us home. From what I hear, everyone had a great time .. I, however, fell asleep on the beach and thoroughly enjoyed the rest 🙂

The bus came to take us home and I’m pretty sure everyone slept the whole way home and did absolutely nothing the rest of the night. But Sunday was definitely an incredible day spent out on the Mediterranean and I’ll chalk it up to another once in a lifetime experience .. Seems to be happening a lot here lately, so until next time .. Stay tuned!

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